John Morgan, United for Care 


United for Care braces for new slugfest with medical pot foes

April 26, 2016 10:34 am

Drug Free America spent roughly $7.5 million in 2014 to defeat a medical marijuana initiative by United for Care and is promising to raise $10 million to stop a revised ballot in November. For the architects behind Amendment 2, the rematch was hardly unexpected. "Bring it on," John Morgan said.

“The opposition is going to have to create a new set of lies to oppose Amendment 2,” United for Care’s Ben Pollara said in an email statement. “The people of Florida will see through those lies.”

morgan1 (2).jpgA survey in March by the St. Leo Polling Institute indicates 68.1 percent of Floridians favor Amendment 2. The voter threshold to approve an amendment is 60 percent. Amendment 2 was 2 points short in 2014.

“I've got a message for [Drug Free America]," Morgan, head of United or Care, said in a fundraising email. "Bring it on. No amount of money and lies are going to stop us from winning this time."

Morgan, an Orlando attorney, spent about $4 million of his own money to support Amendment 2 two years ago. He is digging deep again to counter an anti-pot offensive by Drug Free America founder Mel Sembler.

In the Tampa Bay Times, Sembler said, “We’re trying to save lives and people’s brains. It’s not a medicine.”

Pollara, who is United for Care’s campaign manager, points out that the “most prominent and visible opponents in 2014 — the Florida Sheriff’s Association — hasn’t yet take a position.”

“United for Care will wage a statewide campaign to counter Sembler’s dishonest attacks, and medical marijuana will pass in November.”

Drug Free America is also involved in efforts to stop marijuana initiatives in Massachusetts and Arizona.

"We will pass Amendment 2 in November. We will bring compassion to Florida," Morgan said. "We will match their lies with the truth about medical marijuana."

Pollara said multiple newspaper editorial boards that said no to medical marijuana in 2014 are now behind the movement.

“Sembler can spend whatever he wants to try and deny sick and suffering Floridians relief in the form of medical marijuana, but the will of the people is stronger than his money,” Pollara said.


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