As Florida lights up with solar, is clean drinking water out of style?

By JOHN HOWELL The Daily Fray
November 24, 2017 9:45 pm

For many green-friendly investors who are looking to do right for Florida, businesses involving solar energy and cannabis are shiny stars in their financial telescopes. So is clean drinking water in a state that grew by more than 1,000 new residents each day in 2016 suddenly out of style?

jeffSiegel3 (2).jpg» 5=Q&A: "The first question I ask is, ‘Is the world better off because this company exists?'"

“I would be looking for opportunities to invest in sustainable infrastructure projects that'll help ensure Floridians will still have plenty of fresh, unpolluted water twenty years from now,” Jeff Siegel, a green stocks specialist and financial analyst, said in a Daily Fray interview.

Siegel, an editor for Wealth Daily whose credits include guest appearances on Fox, CNBC, and Bloomberg, is the author of Investing in Renewable Energy: Making Money on Green Chip Stocks.

"Policy and good deeds won't be enough [for] the change we need to ensure future generations have access to clean water, air, and soil," Siegel said. "People won't buy solar panels, electric cars and organic food just because it's good for the planet. Most people, anyway. This stuff has to be competitive to work."

Quick takes from the 5=Q&A:

» On socially responsible investing: “The first question I ask is, ‘Is the world better off because this company exists?’”

» On cannabis: "For me, the prohibition of cannabis is a human rights violation. ... The reality is legalization is coming, so any actions or inactions made on the part of politicians will only result in a short-term slowdown.”

» On Cuba: “I like the idea of investing in organic agriculture and renewable energy projects in Cuba. … To have the opportunity to help build sustainable, ethical businesses that can help [Cubans] create wealth and provide jobs is a noble cause.”

» On political correctness and SRI: “Markets don't have the capacity to care about political correctness.”

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