Birds apparently ticked off at no-feeding policy in Melbourne

March 27, 2015 12:54 pm


Move along. Nothing to see here. That’s the message a group of seemingly ticked-off ducks, geese, seagulls, ibis and other birds are sending in a Melbourne park where people are fond of their feathered friends.

According to Florida Today, a trio of white geese chased down city manager Mike McNees recently. "Jogging there by the fire station a couple days ago, three very attractive white geese went after me like it was D-Day," McNees said. "We just have to do something."

McNees signed off on a feeding crackdown and OK'd a sign: “Feeding Wildlife Prohibited.” Melbourne officials say birds at the 30-acre park are losing their fear of people.

"No bird over there is aggressive, other than the geese,” a park neighbor said. “As far as the other birds go — as far as the Aflac-looking ducks and the other birds are concerned — none of them are aggressive."

A comment board for the story was running heavily in favor of the birds.

“Lakeland has been maintaining and promoting that lake and those animals for at least 55 years and they don't have any problems,” a Port Canaveral man said. “Deal with it, people.”

Photo: Via Orlando Sentinel • Red Huber


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